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What Is Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy?

The questions below are directed to folks who are involved in “facilitated” or “agent” established typing. For this series of questions, I will use the time period “facilitator” to refer to someone who provides some type of arm or wrist support. I will use the term “agent” to address someone who serves as a catalyst while retaining the keyboard, having physical touch with the man or woman as he strikes the keys independently, and/or is sitting in near proximity to him and focussing at the fabric.

I actually have served as both a facilitator and agent for non-verbal typists. I have additionally served as an “agent” for individuals with verbal functionality via a partition, over telephone lines, and by means of just having a hand or a part of my frame visible. It is viable I even sent over the years and area by accident. I do now not keep in mind “agent” based typing as independent. In my revel in facilitator focus happens even more, than if I am presenting arm support.

I advise both are partnerships, as is Rapid Prompting Method. A connection permits for the transmission of the free-flowing thoughts between sender and receiver that I confer with as “becoming a member of.” I suspect this blending of notion bureaucracy lets in access to a higher level of focus. I use the term “teaching” or “sending” to indicate the direct transmission of intellectual prompts as an useful resource to assist the character emerge as extra comfy with our left-brain linear verbal exchange system. (See articles on Sending, Joining, and receiving.) I suspect “sending” and “becoming a member of” are two awesome approaches with two extraordinary results. I also “receive” telepathically which lets in for the perfect float of records. I then run it by way of my accomplice for modifying and rationalization.

I even have worked with those methods for decades and have had many partners. I feel a higher information might stand up if facilitators could elevate restricting ideals and begin to ask and solution the proper questions. I might also like to see scientists and doctors use their diagnostic tools to see what regions of the brain are being activated in each of the companions in the course of “sending” and “joining” methods. I suspect there would be a synchronization of brain-waves, and possibly bodily rhythm. It would be thrilling to peer, who is starting up and who’s following via viewing what regions of the mind are being activated and when. I agree with that I would be an excellent and inclined candidate for such an assessment as my connections are robust.

Below, I actually have listed a sequence of questions. I am asking experienced facilitators/retailers to reply.

It is the sincere expression of every of our aggregate reports with the intention to create movement in the direction of truth. Please answer the questions as they relate to you and your partners. As you would possibly expect, all my answers are “yes”


Do you as an agent or facilitator need to understand the question being requested?
Can you listen the words mentally before they’re typed?
Do you consider your partners are constrained by your language, vocabulary and information base?
Can your partner type letter for letter and word for phrase what you intentionally transmit?
Do your companions demonstrate problem pairing the written phrase with objects, moves, and activities?
Do your companions lose their accuracy whilst they’re expected to arise and pass?
Do your companions lose their capability to hold the conversation going if you are distracted or rise up and flow?
Do you feel an identical of mind waves frequency or soul reference to your companions?
Do you ever sense which you assist subdue or entrain their chaotic rhythm forming a sympathetic resonance?
As you be part of with your companion and your energies mixture do you regularly sense your own vibration is increasing bringing you in touch with higher ranges of attention?
Do you sense you feel your accomplice’s turns into extra balanced when you live gift and focussed?
Do you feel that no longer analyzing all factors of the phenomenon has been a disservice to these remarkable souls and brought anybody further from the fact?
Do you ever question 1/3-birthday party influence? (Naive facilitators can be used however others within the room, in relationship with the individuals typing realize the answers to the questions.)
Do you discover words (abstract) are simpler for the person typing or choosing from a subject of alternatives to perceive than snap shots, (representational). Pictures in flip are less complicated to discover than 3-dimensional gadgets? (Concrete)
Do you take into account it viable that three-dimensional objects aren’t perceived the identical among you and your partner?
Do you feel that the message is only as pure as your very own ability to step back and nevertheless keep the communique going without undo impact?
Do you ever question whether or not the brain is greater a diffusing device than an emanating one-information itself is inside the subconscious mind or the soul?
Do you feel that your companion isn’t fully integrated inĀ  Partnering Facilitator his or her frame?
Do you observed that this loss of integration gives them get right of entry to to the unconscious mind, soul, and spiritual geographical regions?
Do you ever experience that your companion is coming from an area of oneness and going in the direction of an area of ego or individualization?
Do they experience that when “joining” with them, your ego-primarily based fact is moving towards wholeness?
Do you accept as true with your associate’s words are prone to manipulation?

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