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What Are Online Slots?

On this page you can try for free all the Free Slots that can be found on the best online casinos with a regular AAMS / ADM license . We have selected the best slot machines from the best houses: NetEnt , Novomatic with its famous Book of Ra Deluxe , and many others! Choose the free slot that intrigues you the most, try the free Demo and discover all the hidden tricks without registering and without downloading software!

You can also play free slot machines from your mobile, tablet or smartphone by choosing from the most reliable casino sites and betting sites in Italy.

Online Slots are games of chance that you can play from your PC, computer, smartphone, mobile phone or tablet.

Since the early 2000s they have spread and are increasingly intriguing players not only in Italy but all over the world. It is expected that the game from casinos and lounges will move more and more towards the digital direction , having many advantages and few disadvantages compared to the traditional casino, or our Slot and Vlt rooms, for us Italians.

On my site you can play any existing slot machine for free, both Bar Slots like Fowl Play (Hen Slot) and Vlt Slots (example: Book Of Ra Deluxe), and Slots that exist only Online, like Reactoonz .

On my site the game is only Demo, that is, you can play free slots without downloading software, with fake credits, to understand how the various Slots games work.

Where to Play Online Slots for Real Money?

Once you are familiar with play money gambling, it is also possible to try your luck with real money slots on one of the many Certified Online Casinos in Italy. I remind you that gaming in Italy is only legal on authorized gaming platforms. On my site you will find only operators in compliance with the regulations and who guarantee you a safe game .

You will also find the best Welcome Bonuses that Bookmakers make available for new players. Many of these bonuses will be exclusive, that is, by accessing your favorite casino, chosen through the links found within the site, it will be higher than the normal bonus offered.

Some of these platforms provide a No Deposit Bonus , i.e. to play without first depositing your money. Some instead provide bonuses with every deposit, to improve the chances of winning.

What kind of free slot machines can I play here?

When we talk about online slots in a generic way, we say little or nothing, because there are variants on some slots that almost transform them into other games. On SPIKE slot you can play slot machines of all kinds, there are slots with progressive jackpots, megaways, slots that pay without the classic paylines … You can find your favorite by searching for it among the slot machines , or by filtering the results based on manufacturer or type.

 The differences between Online Slots Italia and Slots from Bar Italia?

Online Slots are very different from Bar and Tobacco Slots . It can be said that they are more similar to VLT or Videolottery, the most aggressive gaming terminals that we find in dedicated rooms. In fact, they have the same way of calculating the winnings, according to an algorithm called RNG, or generator of random numbers. The operation of Slot Da Bar instead is slightly different , also coming into play a component of skill in addition to luck.

But there are still other differences, let’s see them.

 Payout in comparison to Slots Casino Italy:

This table shows a comparison of the payout, i.e. the percentage of Return to Player, also called RTP, of the various Italian Slots:

We can therefore observe that there are several arguments in favor of online slot machines while few in favor of the ancestors, the bar and vlt slots. To summarize in short, the online game allows a greater choice, there are many more online slots than land slots , but we can also decide the game Bet with a wider fork.

We have the possibility on some games such as the Lord of the Ocean slot to use a bet of 0.01 euro cent. In practice, with a budget of € 10 we can spend several hours of play without dissatisfying the wallet even in the worst case where we will lose everything.

On the bar slots, however, this is never possible, because each game lasts a minimum of 4 seconds, but an average of 7-8 seconds.

At VLT slots, on the other hand, the minimum bet of 50 cents imposes an obviously more substantial hourly expense, for players who like to entertain themselves at minimum bets without pretending to break the bank.

The same can be said for the maximum Bet, which online does not have the limitation of € 10 which can be penalizing for those who want to dare, and aims for hallucinating winnings.

Also because these colossal winnings, let’s say from € 10,000 upwards, to the VLTs have practically disappeared with the substantial taxes that from € 200 up see erode the dreams of the players . The winning of a single game is already set at a maximum of € 5,000, which with taxes go down to € 4,040. You understand well that it is a game that is penalizing in the long run and if you are lucky enough in life to get such a paying combination, give up a potential win of 10-20 thousand euros higher, due to the maximum ceiling, and also have it taxed by About 1000 €, it is a nice and good joke.

For these reasons, it is advisable to test slots games for free before setting out to try your luck, to better understand the differences . Obviously on physical slot machine terminals it is impossible to play them for free, consequently this privilege remains only for online casino players.

Try Free Online Slots:

To try all the Free Slots Italy, just search this list, or in the search form above for your favorite.

For all Online Demo Slots you will find a playable version for free without downloading software or apps .

You will also find all the Bar Slot Machines for which there is no Demo, the game tips to avoid huge losses and improve your playing strategies.

Online Play on this online site is safe, protects your privacy and does not collect any personal data!

If you run out of the fictitious credit that the Slots give you to play, you can reload the page to start over, or choose one of the related games that you find at the bottom of each page.

On this site you can come back at any time to look for your favorite slot to be able to play comfortably without risking money.

Is Online Gambling Safe?

I have been a VLT-only player for years, and I have to admit that in 2020 there is no longer any reason to prefer VLT Rooms to AAMS online casinos.

First of all, in the rooms there is less privacy as we are all together, indeed there are also numerous characters who are stationed in the rooms without the purpose of playing, but are observers of others. Anyone will have happened to be approached by these elements, which I call in my videos “Condor” generically. Sometimes they just watch for fun and they might as well be there.

Other times they become annoying by giving forced advice on how or where to play, or asking for money if the victim wins.

In other cases, however, they are ready to pounce on the Slot possibly left loaded by the unfortunate who lost, ignorantly believing that they have more chances to download it. This may be true for some bar slot machines but for video lotteries it is absolutely useless, as they are based on an RNG as we have seen.

However, the Condor danger, playing comfortably from home or from the place you prefer, perhaps in the company of a good friend, disappears.

Another positive thing is that the bars or halls where you often play are dirty and smelly places. Many VLT rooms allow smoking in any environment, which I dislike.

Online gaming is also much more reliable because there are no tickets, vouchers, or bills like land-based gaming rooms . Each transaction is automatically saved in servers that guarantee its security. You will not have to worry about losing the Ticket or the coupon of the bet played, because they will be saved in your game history.

Last but not least, but perhaps first in order of importance, all transactions on AAMS online casinos are saved, so you will not “lose track” of your bets but will always be visible.

Italian online casinos also have to undergo strict controls by the AAMS on their transaction protocols so all deposits and payments we receive are guaranteed.

I remember that the AAMS (autonomous state monopoly administration) which has now become ADM (customs and monopoly agency) is the body responsible for the certification of the various bar or online Slot Machines, as well as online gaming platforms where you can find them.

Obviously these tips are valid only for legal and certified operators, but within this site you can only compare the offers of the best lawyers. I would never recommend foreign platforms without certification, and on which it is illegal to play.

Online slots and Ludopathy risk:

I remind you that in Italy any game with cash prizes is forbidden to minors under the age of 18 and can cause pathological addiction. So I advise against anyone with a suspected gambling addiction to also approach the free trial of the games.

For some players in particular, the fact of playing for free removes the temptation of playing for real money , for others it only increases the desire to play.

Consequently, I remind you that on certified casinos you are required by law to set your gaming limits responsibly, in order to keep your games under control. In more serious cases, self-exclusion can also be carried out .

Let’s make it just a good fun , don’t turn it into a problem!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Play Slots Online Without Downloading Software?

On all slots are available in play money version that do not require any software to download or register.

You can comfortably sit back and play whenever and wherever you want from any device thanks to compatibility with all platforms. And if you want you can go to the legal sites that offer real money slots.

Where can I play free slots with play money?

The demo versions of the slots are not always easy to find, in fact on the sites of the producers and on those of the Casinos in Italy with the AAMS ADM license they are often not all available.

We at SPIKE Slot have managed to collect all the slot machines on our site, so we invite you to try. The most up-to-date and functioning set of slots on the market can be played for free.

 How to win at online slots?

The “machines” have various ways of winning that differ according to the game dynamics with which they are designed. These are constantly increasing: you can find games with pay lines, Super Play modes, Cluster Pay or the latest MEGAWAYS and more.

Basically there is always the collection of identical symbols close to each other. In addition, there is never a shortage of special features and bonuses, such as Free Spins, where special prizes are awarded to the player.

How do online slot machines work?

The basic mechanism of each slot is a Random Number Generator (RNG) which ensures that the stated odds of winning are respected every time a bet is placed.

This is true in the long run, so the longer you play, the more certain a loss becomes. However, if you play without exaggerating, you can have lucky strokes that allow you to close a game session in winning.

Are there any tricks for online slots?

Online slot machines are characterized by being a game of pure luck and therefore cannot contemplate the presence of tricks.

Popular gaming providers all comply with the laws and regulations in force in each country to release their online slots releases. This ensures maximum transparency for the player and casino operators.

How can I bet real money on online slots?

The only platforms where it is legal to bet are ADM licensed casinos. On our site you can compare the best welcome offers, some of which are exclusive to those who sign up via

Obviously, only bookmakers with cutting-edge gaming sites, safe and highly reliable services are available.

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