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Tara Slone from Joydrop to INXS: Tara Has Opted to Hit the Road Alone

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Whisky Rocks Tara Slone!

Whisky Rocks Unplugged is a 4-week advertising that runs into November 2005, in 600 LCBO (liquor) stores across Ontario, highlighting the arena’s best whiskies (which includes 20 new merchandise in Canada) and one in every of Canada’s personal: songstress TARA SLONE!

Tara Slone is the former lead singer of the gin delivery hong kong Toronto-primarily based band “Joydrop”. The band had their first launch with “Metasexual” which included the hit unmarried “Beautiful”. Joydrop’s juno-nominated comply with-up, “Viberate”, contained the single “Sometimes Wanna Die”. The track become a hit at rock, and pop radio and won the band “high-quality new group” on the Canadian Radio Music Awards. The video, featuring Tommy Lee, went to #1 on Much More Music. In the procedure of selling their track, Joydrop toured North America extensively, gambling hundreds of indicates and making a name for themselves across the continent.

Having the LCBO support her is a high-quality surprise to Tara. “It’s pleasant to have had the exposure and the LCBO did call me up based totally on the INXS ROCKSTAR display, so it’s fine to have this risk to show off my songs. Other opportunities are now starting to come my manner and optimistically whilst my report comes out ……(that is?) who is aware of? The record is accomplished, blend, mastered and equipped to move.” I may want to have sworn that Tara Slone turned into a bit more of a beer gourmand, but Tara insists, “I am thinking about alcohol. I am now not as an awful lot of a whisky gourmet, however I actually apprehend that whisky is all approximately the rock ‘n roll life-style. I am truely satisfied to have the LCBO sell whisky after which display a little love with track. This is a brilliant opportunity for me to showcase my songs and there is lots of press this is related to this too.” Spoken like a real rock ‘n roll gal!

Tara’s first overall performance on the LCBO on the QueenQuay went of without a hitch! A media circus ensued the gifted Torontonian, but it went overlooked by using her as she belted out the tunes from her new album and some from her former band THE JOYDROP. I actually have to say though, that everyone that attended the event regarded more interested by networking than taking note of her. A heralded applause accompanied each set, but I simply suppose in case you are there to listen to an artist, that perhaps you ought to…I don’t know…Pay attention? Anyway, in contrast to many other performances that we visible of Tara on tv, the INXS songs of desire paled in assessment to listening to her sing her personal! She really is ” Beautiful” inner and out.

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