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Stussy Clothing – Streetwear for Today

Popular a number of the surf and skater crowds, Stussy clothing is specific.

Shawn Stussy initially commenced a small commercial enterprise whilst he hand made surfboards inside the early 1980s. He commenced to signal his boards, after which extended into garb articles like caps, t-shirts and shorts. Shawn would sell the clothing out of his vehicle near Laguna Beach, California.

Popular Among the Surf and Skater Crowds

Today the brand has received extensive popularity amongst disc jockeys (DJs), hip hop, reggae musicians, the surf and skater crowds and more. It has earned popularity as a “streetwear” line, with young people internationally sporting Stussy apparel.

Wide Variety of Apparel and Accessories

The Stussy line now includes a huge kind of garb and add-ons, including streetwear shop t-shirts, pants, shorts, jackets, sweatshirts, baseball caps, cuff beanies, backpacks, handbags and greater.

In 2008 Stussy opened the Boneyards line, which were given its name from an unrevealed browsing vicinity in California. This fall, 2010, Boneyards II: Conspiracy could be delivered. Many stores additionally carry Nike SB kicks.

Where Can It Be Purchased?

Stussy garb can be bought on-line at Amazon and numerous other on line outlets. There are apparel items for each men and women, and fees variety from about $22 to $39 for a t-shirt. Most human beings buy online seeing that there are simplest approximately 60 stores worldwide, in line with 2008 statistics. Store places presently encompass San Francisco and Laguna Beach, CA, and SoHo, New York.

Distinctive Logo

The clothing line can typically be recognized through its different emblem, penned by way of Shawn Stussy on his original surfboard designs. The brand is characterised through its two intertwined “S” figures, one front-dealing with and the other backward-facing.


What kind of people put on Stussy?

The city crowd wears this line, or people who want to be identified with a selected group or gang. Motorcycle riders, surfers, skate boarders and others will generally game Stussy clothing.

Young people who need to identify with a “terrible boy”, gang or surf organization will wear this garb line. It promotes a sense of riot, which many young people are looking to emulate. This may not were what Shawn Stussy at first had in thoughts, however apparel tendencies now and again advantage a life of their own, independent in their beginnings.

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