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Roof Repair in Urgent Conditions

Colorado’s weather is wonderful and it is peaceful. This makes it easier to make decisions. This is not the case when the weather is terrible or the electricity goes off. This is not the time for critical decisions. Instead, implement the plan you created when it was cool and sunny. A fallen tree branch or limb could cause damage to your roof, which can affect the stability and strength of the entire structure Roof repair Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs is rarely hit with tornadoes, but they are common in El Paso and Pueblo. The high winds and debris that hit the roof can cause damage to roofs. Check to see if your roof is covered by electrical power lines. If they’re down, you should exercise extreme caution. They are dangerous and should be avoided. To help them contact the authorities, it is best to dial 911. A situation involving downed power lines is classified as an emergency.

We often encounter emergencies where too much snow has accumulated on trees in close proximity to homes. This causes the tree limbs and branches to snap. When this happens, you’ll usually hear a big thud from the roof. Get all your family members and pets from that area of the home. Put on your best clothes, grab a flashlight and head outside to check the house. Again, you’ll need to check for power line drops. Follow the same steps as above. Don’t try to climb onto a ladder. The ground is where you will find any holes in the sides of the house and broken windows. If the tree that fell is very large, structural damage could occur. You can use plastic or duct tape to repair holes and windows until the storm passes. It is better to do as little as possible until the weather passes. Colorado Springs enjoys mild winters. The weather is usually very pleasant and returns to that level fairly quickly.

Three phone calls are required if you determine that there aren’t any life-threatening circumstances but you believe a tree is on your roof.

  1. your local Colorado Springs roofing company
  2. your local Colorado Springs tree removal company
  3. your homeowner’s insurance claims department

Supplies for emergency roofs

The following is a general list of materials that can be used up until your roofer arrives.

plastic sheeting


bungee cords

2 x 4-




Most homeowner can do minor repairs using these supplies and materials. It is crucial to wait until the weather is favourable before you attempt any exterior home repairs that involve your roof.

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