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Perfectionism and Stress

Today is the world of stress. It is everywhere. It seem as if we are immersed in a sea of stress. Yet it is all self created. Of all the different types of stresses , performance stress is the most killing. It not only destroys the serenity of our minds but also inhibits our ability to think rationally. Whereas the fact of the matter is that it is very easy to manage.

It is a universal fact that nothing is perfect in this world. No body is perfect. No creation is perfect. No solution is perfect. No action is perfect. Then why we are so worried. It is usual and natural for us, humans to compare ourselves with better people. For instance, if we work in an office, we tend to compare ourselves and our working with those people who are better achievers. We tend to think that the way they complete an assignment is better. While the fact of the matter is that there is no perfect way of doing anything. The moment we understand this reality that there is no perfect way of doing any thing , we feel that there is no pressure. Believe me there remains no performance pressure, no undue mental strain the moment we realize this important fact of life. I repeat there is no perfect way of doing any task so there is no pressure. What a relief! Repeat stress performance curve this very simple yet very important fact of life over and over in your mind and then feel its effect. You will start feeling light instantly.

From the above discussion it follows that there is no room for perfectionism in human experience. There are two advantages of the thought explained above. On one hand it will relieve you from pressures of everyday life and on the other hand it will shatter self-imposed barriers imposed by you on your abilities. For instance many people want to write something but are withheld by the thoughts like ” My English is not good”, ” My grammar is bad”, ” I have no previous experience of writing.”, ” What people will think” etc etc. Just remember these are all lame excuses. Write whatever you want to write . Just start writing . Do it today and do it now because as a wise man once said “Better to do something imperfectly than to do noting perfectly”.



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