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Motivation and Your Achilles’ Heel

Most managers and leaders are very keen to study what motivates their personnel; and for a terrific purpose. If we understand that then we is probably capable of reward and incentivise them appropriately and this could have – might have – a big effect on their performance and productivity. Less time, however, is spent on thinking about the elements which do no longer motivate or can definitely de-motivates body of workers. More subtly nonetheless, the factors which Hertzberg, the well-known researcher on this location, known as the ‘Hygiene Factors’. As I even have written earlier than:

“Your lowest motivational score can be very revealing. The top three motivators are more interesting, but noting our lowest motivator also can give useful clues approximately improving our motivation and our life. First, ask the query: is my lowest motivator causing me a problem? We now and again name this a hygiene issue, because of this that the motivator does now not inspire us, but its absence can cause de-motivation.”

One of the without a doubt charming elements of motivation is the concept of hygiene elements. It would be very clean to recognition on a person’s pinnacle 3 motivators – or a team’s or entire organization’s – and assume one had the task performed. But we ought to constantly be aware that every one nine motivators are related in the psyche and so impact every other, whatever their rank order is. Indeed, the least important motivator in phrases of its impact on our motivation is – sarcastically – vitally essential for our standard welfare.

What Hertzberg meant via a hygiene thing was a few issue of the work that did now not inspire the character, but its absence may come to be extremely de-motivating. So, as an instance, humans in an enterprise, may not be encouraged by using tea/espresso or canteen refreshments, but the absence of their availability over time within the work vicinity may also severely start to demotivate the group of workers and lead them to take a bad view of control. This concept is taken a degree in addition whilst think of mapping motivations and getting a fuller photograph of an man or woman. Perhaps the synonym for ‘hygiene elements’ that could first-class bring what exactly more I mean is: ‘Achilles’ Heel’. That the absence of a few motivators – in a given context, not in an absolute feel – may additionally show services to be extraordinarily detrimental to the overall performance (and so work properly-being) of an man or woman (and additionally examine team and enterprise). In different phrases, it is able to be a very real weakness impacting overall performance at a profound degree.

Some examples here may fine illustrate what I imply. Take the ‘creating a difference’ motivator. Making a distinction is continually for a person or for a few institution. The essence of creating difference method having a consumer/patron recognition. Suppose then that one is appointed to a position in which purchaser recognition is the very essence of the position, AND assume that the making a distinction motivator is the bottom pressure in your profile. Problem? Well, the individual may additionally have the ability set, the qualifications, the previous enjoy to fulfil a customer support function, BUT – deep down – they don’t definitely get a buzz out of it. Hmm! Long term that will actually prove to be a problem; and it is able to also be an trouble quick to medium term, depending on the severity of the problem.

Or take the being in charge motivator – the desire to control and manage – and imagine this being lowest in the profile of someone making use of for a control process? Or take the aggressive choice for extra cash – and this being lowest in someone in a commission-led sales role? Or take the preference for freedom and autonomy – and the applicant making use of for a desk job where every 10 minutes of their time needs to be accounted for and charged out to a patron? I ought to undergo all nine motivators and role them as wide variety nine, the least crucial in a person’s profile, after which offer a job or position context in which that loss of drive may clearly be visible to have crucial implications for overall overall performance.

In this sense, then, it should be clear what I imply by using an Achilles’ Heel; it is a weak point which could quite actually ride you up within the activity you’re doing, due to the fact in the end you lose the desire, you lose the inner electricity – the hearth – that makes doing the function enjoyable. One of the tragedies of work is that so few individuals apprehend this; if they did then that they had prevent applying for jobs that can in no way satisfy them.

But we need to clean that searching for to map motivators isn’t pretty much analysing issues; it’s about presenting answers, and there are two answers here that are extremely beneficial. One is to move off the hassle earlier than it arises: in different words, to use equipment to map motivators in the recruitment manner. Select more people to paintings for your business enterprise whose motivators fit the roles you’ve got available.! Sounds apparent however it will show to be a excellent and value-effective manner to help businesses head off the problem.

The 2d capability solution is what I name Reward Strategies. Organisations spend so much time doing a TNA – or education needs analysis – why now not do a motivational wishes analysis? And having performed it also start compiling a listing of creative and pointed ideas to make amends for the hygiene thing, and to permit managers to do the equal. So, to take one instance from above – and perhaps the maximum not unusual – the ‘seeks manipulate or to be in price’ motivator as the lowest for someone in a control position? The key praise approach here is to get the manager to accept that dealing with isn’t always what they need to do and as a result to boom their expertise and talent set inside the one vicinity that could make amends for ineffective or negligent management: namely, delegation capabilities. Even though one does not specifically want to manage, if one has powerful delegation competencies you can emerge as exquisite-equipped in this place. So that turns into the wonderful place to consciousness on.

Hopefully, as Hobbit Sam Gamgee says, “That’s a real eye-opener for positive!”

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