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Jeff Lerner is an influencer, author, mentor, entrepreneur, speaker, and founder of an online educational course to learn the concept of digital or online marketing.

He founded Entre Blueprint in 2018 to develop knowledge of business skills, marketing, digital marketing, and so on among entrepreneurs. Before 2018 Jeff was a jazz musician but didn’t get the expected success in his music career. Then he started learning about digital entrepreneurship and online marketing. Later after a long time and lots of effort, he finally succeeded in his career.


jeff lerner was born on 1st march 1979 in Houston, Texas. He has done Bachelor of Fine Arts. By nationality, he is an American citizen. In his twenties, he was a jazz musician who used to play piano. Later at the age of 23, he asked to work as CEO, but he didn’t get the success he was seeking.

And then, he started learning about digital marketing, and after understanding and acquiring enough information regarding it, he decided to pursue his career in digital marketing. After efforts of 7 years, he gets success in digital marketing. He was a debtor of 500000 U.S. dollars because of his unsuccessful business and later cleared it after 18 months of his digital marketing career.


Along with business Jeff Lerner is a family man. He married at the age of 31, 2012. His wife name is Jaqueline Lerner. They both have four children, two girls, and two boys. He still used to play piano with his family. Even in his busy schedule, he used to give possible time to his family.


Jeff Lerner has achieved success after lots of effort. He is a multi-talented and skilled entrepreneur. Along with being an entrepreneur, he is an author; he has written two successful books. The books are based on skill development and improvise yourself. The names of the books are- Unlock your potential and Millionaire Secrets. Jeff also handles a YouTube channel named “Podcast.” He is also a social media influencer and speaker; he used to speak about motivational knowledge about the awareness of digital marketing.

Jeff Lerner introduced online courses for learning Digital marketing; the course is known as “Entre Blueprint.” This course offers details about ways of learning and earning on the wide platform of the digital market.


This was conclusive information about Jeff Lerner. He is an inspiration for youngsters and an intelligent speaker. He always encourages individuals not to be afraid of failure, as failure is part of life. He earns around fifty million dollars. After all the efforts, he has achieved success.



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