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Mapping Your Data Online With Interactive Map Software

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There are many interactive maps online, such as Google Map, Yahoo Map, Bing Map, Microsoft MapPoint, Mapquest, and numerous more. They are mostly utilized as tools for directions to map roads and also as a routing planners. Enter the postal code or address, and you’ll determine its exact location including nearby parks, buildings and bars, restaurants and coffee shops, hotels as well as information on how to reach itbefore google maps.

However, there are a variety of potential applications for website owners that could make use of interactive maps to target their specific sectors and market. There are numerous interactive mapping programs that will help you make use of data related to geography and effectively display the location of your business and its information by designing your own interactive maps.

Interactive map-making software typically allows custom-defined regions, areas and locations points. Users can choose the pre-designed templates for flash maps, and quickly change the colors of counties or countries, and locate locations on the map with pushing pins or other icons. The tooltip box that is hovered over can be displayed using your own images, text or links to another website, PDF documents or other sites that are available on the World Wide Web.

Since the primary purpose of maps is for information or navigation purposes geographic details like roads, buildings and rivers aren’t always needed, making the map less messy and easier to navigate for visitors. By merely clicking on the state, national and county maps, users are able to quickly locate the information they need or go to specific webpages about a specific place on the map.

A few possible applications that use interactive maps on web sites, including:

Retail Shops/Branches Locator: A website-based interactive flash map allows customers locate the closest retail store or branch with just a couple of mouse clicks. For instance, you could make use of an interactive map of the United States on your website using pushpin buttons that pinpoint all of your retail shops hotels, or other kind of facility. Your customers can choose simply by clicking an icon and view the various alternatives, which includes address and contact information.

Interactive Real Estate Map A website for real estate can make use of interactive flash maps to show available properties on state city or county maps. Push pins in a variety of shapes and colors are able to identify commercial and residential properties as well as apartments, resorts corporate offices, apartments and many more. Hover-over effects can be used to give additional pop-ups with information on a specific property.

Heating Map of Sales and Marketing Interactive maps can be created with your own data from your business and the heat map feature that is built into interactive mapping programs to create visual representations of sales statistics for your region based on volume of sales. This allows you to see clearly the distribution of your sales across different regions of the globe and then decide how to allocate your marketing budget to achieve the highest sales revenue.

Energy Industry: Use an interactive map available on the site to show the gas and oil fields within a particular region and a larger view of the gas and oil fields that are visible upon mouseover and also display additional information about each gas or oil field within an information box.

Interactive maps are now an increasingly popular tool to visualize geospatial data for business, as well as a navigation tool that can assist visitors in finding locations and information swiftly. Make use of this tool now, and make use of interactive maps to assist you create the maps you’re looking for in a short time.



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