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Kinemaster Mod APK (Video Editiong Software)


KineMaster Pro is one of the most effective video editing application for Android users who want to edit their videos to a professional standard. Nowadays YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, etc. are exploding in the world of video. This means that KineMaster Pro App is the best choice to modify your videos. The free version comes with Watermark but not all of the advanced features available. But we’re offering the premium version at no cost. Therefore, we give you the KineMaster Pro app at no cost ! !

KineMaster Pro

If you’re trying to download theĀ  Kinemaster mod apk latest KineMaster Pro Apk version, then you’re in the right place. KineMaster Pro Apk, then you’re in the right spot. The free Version of KineMaster Apk comes with a host of problems, including Watermark and Premium features aren’t available, and so on. However, the Premium version of KineMaster Mod Apk ideal to YouTubers TikTokers, Instagram Influencers and includes features such as Chroma Key and 3-D effects. Multi-Layer editing, Custom Watermark, etc. So, Download Now KineMaster Pro Now. Also Download Alight Motion Mod APK

Features – KineMaster Pro APK

Chroma Key

It is among the most requested features of the application. Chroma key allows you to alter the background for the movie. It’s a very sophisticated feature, and typically it is available on PC Softwares. With the use of the green screen on the video, you can alter your video’s background the way you’d like. Marvel films use this technique to edit the film to make their videos appear more professional by making the background change. This feature is extremely useful to shoot professional-looking YouTube videos, so you can eliminate the background from your videos , and alter the background.


In order to make your video more attractive , it is essential to include animation effects. There are plenty of animation effects in KineMaster Pro APK to apply animations between your video. There are a variety of animation effects available in the Kinemaster Pro store application, which allows you to use these animations when editing the video and create elements appear more appealing. The ability to animated things in your videos is a very professional function that only PC software is able to accomplish. Kinemaster offers these amazing features for you. Additionally, you can download additional features from their store.


It is possible to add layers within the video, for instance, images as audio, video, gif animations, photos, overlays and more. all at once. The addition of multiple layers makes your video look more impressive since you are able to add several items at once. You can also modify the settings for all layers such as the size, speed, etc. Multi layering allows you with the ability to add videos to files and show them easily on the screen such as adding images. You can also include videos in the video.

Live Preview

KineMaster Pro offers you a very nice feature known as Live Preview that allows you to view your videos during editing, so you can quickly check what’s happening to the edited video. Editing is easy and simply click “Live Preview” then you are able to view the edited videos LIVE on screen.


This feature is simply amazing and allows you to include up to eight tracks simultaneously within the video using this feature. It gives you a studio experience while editing your video. When you combine the tracks, you can create stunning music for music and songs. This feature gives you with a fantastic setting to create music videos. You’ll experience the studio atmosphere and include tracks and edit them.

Voice Recording

You don’t need to record separate audio, KineMaster provides you to include voice-overs from the application within the app. Simply record the voice and add it to the video. It’s not easy to record audio independently and then attach it the video SO. Kinemaster lets you use this feature to record audio inside the application it self. That’s it ! !

No Ads.

As you are aware, the standard free app of KineMaster shows advertisements while editing the videos . However, when you use KineMaster Pro there will be none. across the entire application. It is possible to enjoy the app with no annoying ads.

Why KineMaster Pro?

KineMaster Pro is FREE a free application for editing videos. It offers sophisticated options and tools. Some of the features are truly amazing it is possible to remove the background and alter it in a simple way, like taking away the background with green screens. The KineMaster feature is well-known for the PC however KineMaster comes with these amazing features.

You can include 3-D Transitions effects to your video. This lets you apply 3D effects to make the video appear cool. Also, it has Awesome animation effects. You can use animation between videos and then use animation effects to create your video look more appealing. It also has numerous additional features, including Chroma Key Multi-Layer, transitions and the ability to add multiple videos and more. We’ll explain each of the features in the future.

Download KineMaster Pro + Mod APK


Updates on feature updates:

Supports the entire category Asset Store search

Supports searching within the Audio Browser

Supports the installation of custom fonts as well as applying previously used fonts to new text

Supports the reset of color adjustments

Supports transcoding import videos to lower resolution

Supports export and import of project files

It also supports replacing Media (video as well as photo) files within the Timeline

The option is now available for downloading Premium assets as well as export videos that contain Premium assets, by watching ads

It also supports animated GIF files.

Speed control is added to video layers

UX/UI Changes:

Changes to the Replace button into the menu of options

Other bugs fixed

Mod Changes

No Ads

Full Subscription Unlocked

All Assets Access

No Watermark

Premium Unlocked

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