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How to Change a Car Tire

It feels like your dreaming, your worst nightmare has come right into a fact, using thru the center of no in which and your tire has gone flat. This has by no means happened to you before and you are stranded without a telephone or a person in sight. Changing a tire for the first time can be an intimidating job. Don’t worry, by using following these steps you will be capable of do it without problems!

Jack up your car, make certain the hand brake is pulled so the auto does not roll whilst you figure on it.
Remove the hubcap. Hopefully you have something in your vehicle or round you that you may use to pry it off. Find a gap in which you think you can get your screw motive Tapes to Digital force or wrench below the cap and push it off.
Once you have got the hubcap off you want to eliminate the lug nuts. The lug nuts are what hold the tire on the automobile. Once you’ve got eliminated the bolts you need to area all of them internal your pocket or inside the hubcap so you don’t lose them. If you do lose them you will be in loads extra problem!
Get the spare tire from your trunk. If you don’t know what I am speakme approximately, most automobiles have a spare hidden of their trunk. Even if you don’t suppose there is one you must take a 2nd appearance because I bet you there is.
Remove the flat tire. Carefully pull the tire in the direction of you until it has slided off.
Put at the spare tire. The same way you took off your flat tire put on the spare, it may take a few attempts to line it up nicely in order that it slides in.
Once your spare tire is in you need to get the lug nuts and tighten them in.
Now decrease your jack and the auto can be prepared to go.
Congratulations! You have modified your first tire and also you should now be on your manner home! That wasn’t so difficult, now was it? Don’t overlook to put your flat tire in the trunk along with the hubcap. Try to get your tire constant as soon as viable due to the fact spare tires are not constructed to face up to long use.
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