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How it Works – The Art of Laser Engraving and Its Application for Printed Pens

When you want to personalize executive pens made of metal laser engraving will be the most preferred method. Since a laser-engraved image can’t be removed easily and is permanent on engraved promotional pens, which means that the name of your business is not easily forgotten.

Contrary with other technologies for engraving laser engraving doesn’t require tool bits that are able to contact the surface marking and wear in time. In contrast, laser engraving employs lasers to mark or etch an image onto a surface. While this technique can be extremely technical but it’s possible to produce crisp and accurate engravings an extremely high frequency. This is achieved with the help of laser engraving machines, with three elements that include the controller (usually a computer) that controls the intensity, speed direction, spread, and speed of the beam laser; and a that the controller uses to create a trace of the image on the substrate; and finally, the surface of engraving (also known as a substrate) (in our instance, a promotional metal pen)fiber laser marking machine factory.

This is how it works:

A pre-designed image is loaded onto a computer and then sent onto the laser machine.

The executive pens for promotional purposes are loaded on conveyor belts, either manually or via robotics and with their engraving surfaces facing up.

When the conveyor belt moves the pens into the engraving area and the laser beam etch the design into the steel with a back-and-forth movement like the inkjet printing.

The newly designed pen are then packaged in gift boxes or presentation tubes ready to be delivered to the buyer.

There are two main types that laser engraving can be used: raster and vector. The vector engraving is a method of tracing the lines and curves of the image that is to be engraved in the same way that pencils trace an outline. Lasers that use rasters move in a back-and forth pattern with on/off pulses like a computer bitmap. Lasers that use galvo mirrors (which split one-point beams into a single-dimensional line) to direct the laser across the substrate are able to operate in either raster or vector modes.

Thanks to increased production speeds and a significant improvement in the materials that today’s printed pens are manufactured Laser-engraved printed pen have become more popular. You might also be amazed to find out that laser engraving typically costs less than conventional printing. The latest fashion for laser-engraved pens are anodizedaluminumpens, due to the distinctive appearance of the silver base metal that is contrasted against the color of the barrel. Other materials that are suitable to be laser-engraved, even though not as common as metal, include wood glass and acrylic plastics stones, and specific varieties that are made of rubber.


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