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HIIT Training Workouts Using Dumbbells

If you are asking your self what HIIT heavy dumbbell leg workout Training is (said “HIT”) it stands for “High Intensity Interval Training”. It is a type of “sprint” training. All this indicates is it got here from a form of schooling that changed into designed to feature energy and quickness and coordination to the trainee. It is a superb way to improve your cardiovascular capacity (potential for your coronary heart and lungs to do paintings successfully) and that allows you to increase your metabolism and burn fat (in the restoration procedure an afternoon or two after schooling).

HIIT schooling is not for all people… However it could learn and can be used very efficiently. It is likewise extraordinary for people who do not definitely opt to do aerobic because the durations are very short (15-30seconds) with relaxation or active relaxation intervals in among every spherical or set.

What did that each one imply? Well to higher understand HIIT Training and a way to layout a HIIT Training workout with weights, shall we layout one together.

The maximum simple and classic type of HIIT Training might be strictly for Cardio and Power. This will spike your metabolism and accelerate fat burning submit-exercise due to the wishes of the recuperation method.

Workout #1 *Need a tune/Long Yard/driveway. No Treadmills.

Always heat up… Do a fixed of 50 leaping jacks and stretch your legs before starting.

*Begin your sprint training*

1) On your mark, get set… SPRINT! All Out as Hard and Fast as your legs cross. Use your fingers to cut thru the air like your within the Olympics seeking to move the finish line! (15sec)

2) Take a complete REST by means of walking it out up and down your pressure way.

*If you’re the usage of your driveway, spring to at least one quit and returned (like shuttles you did for the bodily fitness check in school).


Complete AS many Rounds as your body can stand.

*A workout can remaining everywhere from 10-30minutes*

**Make positive you eat 45minutes prior to a HIIT Workout (Carbs & Some protein).

THAT became just CARDIO Based… But what about incorporating weights into your HIIT education?

Ah that is where it gets difficult because GOOD form MUST be maintained… SO I would suggest doing a HIIT Training session with your instructor first so they can watch you and make sure your FORM is strict and accurate.

OKAY… SO… We could do that!

UPPER BODY HIIT TRAINING *I propose the usage of a friend if you want to time you or a teacher

Round 1:

1) PUSH-UP’S: Do them FAST and HARD. You want as many as you can do in 30 seconds! (FAST on the CONCENTRIC or UP motion… Slower on the LOWERING phase)

1a) 30 seconds – 1 MINUTE breather/relaxation

2) INVERTED ROW/BENT OVER BARBELL ROWS (as many as you can do in 30 sec). Again… FAST on the PULL and SLOW on the “Lowering”. Keep the ones backs quality and neutral!!!! We do not want to tug a again muscle or stress it!

2A) 30 seconds – 1 MINUTE breather/rest

(REPEAT three-6X relying in your degree of fitness)

Round 2

1) BICEP CURLS (follow equal protocol as above) – no relaxation-go right into range 2

2) SKULL CRUSHERS (FAST on the manner UP slow bringing the bar returned DOWN) – 1 minute relaxation – REPEAT three-6X


Since I choose to do my HIIT Training separate from my WEIGHT training, once I teach my very own clients this is a typical exercising I might prefer to use. I basically COMBINE HIIT Training Intervals (aerobic) with ordinary traditional Strength Training Exercises.


1) SPRINT (15 seconds) REST (15seconds)

2) WALKING LUNGES (30x) Rest Legs (2 mins)

–REPEAT 3X–and Move to #3 and #4–

three) BOX JUMPS (15 seconds) REST (15seconds)

4) SIDE-STEP GOBLET SQUAT with 20lb Weight (or heavier) (20-24x) Rest (2minutes)

–REPEAT (3&4) 3x–

Walk It Off and Stretch to Cool Down… Recover via having a nice protein shake!!!!

HIIT Training surely is an superb device if used with precision and care. It can honestly add extraordinary depth for your cardiovascular potential, patience, and universal power and stamina. It is a top notch way for athletes to increase fast twitch muscle fibers which might be frequently utilized in Sprint type sports wherein surprising and explosive movements are important. HIIT Training may be taken to heights of your want as long as you give you your very own patterns as a train for your athletes… You could upload agility factors or coordination aspects readily.

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