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GMC Trucks – 100 Years of Heavy-Duty Truck

Next 12 months Volvo Group is going to celebrate its anniversary. Needless to mention, the history of the exquisite business enterprise abounds in noteworthy events. It has been many years on account that Volvo produced its first heavy-obligation diesel truck. So, permit’s hint the evolution of lengthy-haul gives from the world’s 2nd largest heavy-responsibility truck producer.

Early 1940’s – The turning factor for Volvo engines

1946 turned into a milestone year in the records of Volvo heavy-responsibility vehicles. Until that time, the organisation were targeting Hesselman engines (even though the diesel motor turned into already some distance advanced). The motive become that one of the co-founders of Volvo, Gustaf Larson, was a fellow engineering pupil of Jonas Hesselman, whose introduction required lower improvement charges. But, sooner or later, the call of the marketplace and the pressure for modern alternate did its component and Volvo started out to implement diesel engines of the pre-combustion type within the new L29 C (‘Civilian’) and the L29 V (‘Road Administration vehicle’).

Volvo Vikings’ technology

One of the most awesome triumphs for Volvo Trucks changed into received by using the Viking series. The corporation explains the success of the collection by means of its symbolic individual. Firstly, it is about ‘V’ letter that initiates each the logo and the model call. Secondly, it displays the genuine ‘Scandinavian’ foundation that is so common for both the ancient Vikings and Volvo motors.

The Viking L38 and the upgraded L48 fashions have been full-size for the 7-litre direct-injection engine and the selection between 2 or three axle versions (regularly presenting all-wheel-pressure device).

The Titan’s fame

The Titan is some other emphatic name in truck records. Its designers were among the pioneers to make a breakthrough in engine technology. Later on they supplied the L39 (observed by means of L49) with a turbodiesel that boosted the engine output from 150 to 185 bhp. In the following decade the truck also obtained such first-rate features because the air-operated brake device, the strength steerage and the Volvo Safety Cab. Up to now, these gadgets had been component and parcel of Volvo vehicles.

The tale about the Titan variety could howo be incomplete with out praising the Titan TIPTOP/F88 that have become the first Volvo F-kind (ahead manipulate/cab-over) truck to have extraordinary success global.

New Era – Truly global Volvo vehicles

Despite the distant places interest to some of the F-vehicles, American and Australian markets have continually given pinnacle priority to the N-type (traditional) vans. For such areas Volvo supplied the N10/12 and NL10/12 collection. And those offers were met with enthusiasm, mainly in Brazil. The wide popularity became won due to terrific adhesion to the ground, which provided magnificent pass-u . S . A . Mobility. Besides, in case of the hardest off-street situations, the N own family blanketed all-wheel-drive variations.

The Present – One brilliant family, hundreds of variations

The maximum famous Volvo trucks at the existing belong to the FH own family. Taking into consideration the excellent international popularity of Volvo FH12/16, it can be fairly proper to recognize the abbreviation ‘FH’ as ‘Fantastic History’. However, the genuine which means is ‘Forward manage High access’ (the numbers after the letters stand for engine ability in litres).

The FH become preceded through the F-collection, outstanding for being geared up with both of new computerized transmission structures: the Powertronic and the Geartronic, designed by Volvo in 80s. This historical past changed into intensified with the aid of such FH improvements as the patented Volvo Engine Brake (VEB), a motive force airbag in a truck (for the primary utilized in 1995) and, for certain, the powerful engine with the output from 420 and 540 hp (the FH12) to 750 hp (the FH16).

No wonder, that by this time, FH series already acquired 3 ‘Truck of the Year’ awards for the entire time. And there may be a sturdy belief that the satisfactory conclusion to this tale have to be something like “nice achievements are nevertheless to come”

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