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Equipping Your Home For Hip Replacement Rehab Exercises

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Working out at home is not a new concept, people do it everyday.  But for people wanting to do their hip replacement rehab exercises at home, there are specific precautions to take.

Usually, when a person gets the idea to start working out at home they go out and buy videos, workout clothes, and fancy sport bottle containers.  A person performing exercises after a hip replacement needs to make sure they add more things to their shopping listbest foot massager for neuropathy.

A good, sturdy chair is a must; some hip replacement exercises require balance that can’t initially be achieved without help.  Using a folding a chair, or a chair with a questionable leg isn’t an option.  The kind of chair needed for rehab exercises is the kind of chair that is sturdy with a back that allows the hands to rest securely near the chest area.  If one’s balance becomes impaired, it’s important that this chair is able to support their body until it’s regained.

A plush carpet may feel great, and a gleaming hardwood floor may look great, but neither of these have the firm yet soft support of a workout mat.  With a workout mat, a patient can be sure that their body is not only lying flat, but lying evenly flat.  It’s important to have the hip joints resting at the right level to avoid over-working or under-working vital muscles.

The good thing about working out at home is that you have the ability to go at your own pace.  No one is standing or kneeling beside you with a count on how fast you go or how many reps you’ve done.  Unfortunately, those that give up working out at home often do so because there’s not enough motivation to keep them moving.

Investing in good music cds is one of the best ways to avoid that problem.  Listen to music that literally gets you going – songs that make you feel confident and unstoppable.  When you’re working out, it’s not the time to stroll down memory lane or stop to smell the daises and the songs you pick should be tunes that always get your feet tapping and your shoulder swaying.

It’s also important to make sure an easy to read clock is handy.  Keeping track of time while you’re working out is a way to make sure you’re pacing yourself and meeting your desired workout time.  When you have to stop to locate the time or take extra time to make sure you’re reading the time right, you’re giving your body a reason to slow it’s adrenaline flow.  One of the successful strategies of physical therapy or at-home dvds is the art of keeping you moving.  The fitness experts know that once time becomes an issue during a session, focus is lost.

These essentials are important to your at-home hip replacement exercise success and they are generally easy to acquire and inexpensive.






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