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Download VEX 3 Game Online

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If you’re looking for a game that’s not only fun, but also helps develop your engineering skills, then VEX 3 is the game for you! The game is played with gears and motors to create machines that complete different tasks. You can play solo or with friends. This blog post will cover how to set up the game, some of the basic gameplay mechanics, and what it takes to win. 

The VEX 3 Game is an easy-to-learn puzzle-style video game where players build their own machine out of gear motors in order to solve puzzles on a board. Players are able to either go at this alone or compete against each other in competitive multiplayer mode. 

start off with solo mode first though, one has two options. They can go to their local library and borrow a starter set from Evanston Public Library, or they can purchase the base kit [the cheapest option] on Amazon  [with a price range between $40-$45]. Each has its own perks, both of which will be explained in detail in the next section.

Next is setting up your board. The setup for this varies slightly depending on what you have, but they’re simple enough that most people should be able to figure it out. First things first though, take all pieces out of box/off the backing paper if applicable. If there are any loose pieces left over (pieces not used), put them back into the plastic bag that held them in the box –

 these are extras! Next, you’ll probably notice some small circle pieces of paper. These are labels for the pegs on your robot, and should be removed now. If they’re not coming off easily then it’s perfectly fine to leave them on until later – that’s what most people do.

How to Play?

The general idea of the game is to see how many cubes, or “levels” you can get on top of your pedestal. To play, each player puts a level onto their robot and the middle line facing up. On “Go,” players simultaneously attempt to turn their levels upside down (so that they’re resting on their pegs) into such a way that it lands on top of the other player’s level (this is called “knocking out”). Whoever knocks out more levels wins.

How do I make my Robot?

There are many designs for VEX robots available online simply by searching Google with phrases like:

VEX3  robot designs

Once you’ve chosen your design (or decided to make one of your own), you need to decide which parts and pieces you’ll use for building. You can purchase VEX pieces from most hobby stores or directly from the VEX website:

You also need a set of “VEX IQ Hot End Tools” (basically, everything that comes in the toolbox) as well as an Allen Wrench 2.5mm (part# 842432).

Vex robots are usually built on a rectangular metal frame that allows them to roll around like regular cars.

They have four motors, one for each wheel, and they run using rechargeable batteries similar to those used by remote-controlled cars.

The controller has two joysticks — one moves forward and backward and turns left and right. The other controls the arm and can lift it up or down.

During a competition, a sensor attached to the controller tells how close a robot is to a wall or another robot — not unlike an Xbox Kinect.

A person using the controller cannot see through their robot(s) — however, you can purchase “VEX IQ Vision Pack” that allows your team’s operator to track opponents with an onboard camera while controlling its own team of robots by interfacing with laptops.

The VEX 3 Programmable Brick contains the microcontroller brains inside each VEX IQ Challenge Robot. It is also called an Intelligent Controller (IC).

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