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Are you attracted to toxic relationships?

It is not always possible to live happily ever after. Without that, it would be impossible to draw conclusions from studies on relationships. These studies almost never paint a positive picture of the landscape of relationships.

One study found that nearly one-third of Americans have experienced a significant relationship breakup in the last ten years. A second study found that the U.S. has 2.2 million divorces per year. The number of people in serious relationships is higher.

It is interesting to see that, while infidelity, commitment issues, and lack passion are the main reasons why people end up breaking up, a substantial number of women, or 1 out 4 of all women, are more likely than men to claim that emotional or physical abuse caused their last breakup. trial separation boundaries

However, this does not mean that women are the only victims of abusive relationships. Studies show that between 95% and 98% of those who are victimized by violence in relationships are women. This does not negate the fact that women may also be the aggressors.

Why are some people in toxic relationships? This question requires more than a superficial glance at someone’s preferences or dating behavior. This does not mean one should ignore the problem. It is important to ask yourself, “How can I end a toxic relationship?”

  1. Avoid getting into a toxic relationship. This is not an easy task. You can be more secure if you listen to your gut instincts. If you feel that there is something not right with the person you’re dating, don’t ignore it. Explore deeper to discover what triggered your attention.
  2. In your getting-to-know-each-other stage, open up your feelings but test your potential partner. Get to know the person. Keep your eyes, ears, and heart open to his personal and professional life and some ideas about his finances.
  3. Have a look at his family and see how he treats his sisters, mother, and other female relatives. This will give you an idea of how he/she would treat a potential partner.
  4. Watch out for signs like mood swings and denial, lying and impulsive behavior. These are only a few of the signs of an emotional disorder that should not be taken lightly.

Being in a relationship should help you to grow as a person and with your partner. It is not necessary to be involved in situations that leave us feeling helpless, want, or hurt. It is too short to live a miserable life. To do that, we must not get into toxic relationships.


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