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Chinchilla Cage – What to Look For Before You Buy

Chinchillas are wonderful and exotic pets. To keep chinchillas, it is important to provide them with a lot of care and attention. It is important to buy a cage that would provide them their private space to lead a normal and healthy routine inside. However, do let them out to play and exercise every day. Here is a guide on buying a chinchilla cage that can help you decide on exactly what you want.

The most important thing to keep in mind while buying a chinchilla cage is the size. Chinchillas are very fond of running around, hopping, jumping and climbing by instinct. As a result it is important to buy a cage which has plenty of room for a chinchilla to keep up with such daily activities. The height of the cage is more important than the length and breadth as chinchillas are fonder of jumping and climbing than anything else. The cages should be as high as parrot cages at least but not more than 3 feet. Otherwise there are chances that the chinchilla might fall from the top and hurt themselves.

Chinchillas are prone to overheating as they do not sweat. A chinchilla cage with solid sides will be hot and stuffy and can be fatal for a chinchilla, so it is better to opt for a mesh best bedding chinchillas cage for a chinchilla. However, the floor is best solid as chinchillas find it hard to tackle mesh floors. Also solid floors are easier to clean. It is best to buy a wire mesh cage as plastic ones are easily chewed by chinchillas, which have a terrible gnawing habit. The removable floor made from wood is best, so that you can pull it out to clean. It is of utmost importance to keep the cage clean. Access will of course be from the sides but it is better to have access from the top as well in order to clean the cage.

There needs to be a few things inside the cage, which are very essential and not merely accessories, for the well being of the chinchilla. It is very important to keep in mind the habits of a chinchilla while choosing these items. One has been already discussed – the active and agile tendencies of a chinchilla. For this, it is better to keep a few levels inside the cage along with ladders, swings, ramps and tubes. Disks and wheels are very good as chinchillas love them and are very good exercise options for them. A chinchilla cage that already comes equipped with a proper exercise wheel is also a good option.

Chinchillas need to keep their thick coat clean but cannot bathe in water as it takes their coats a long time to dry and this may lead it to catching cold, which could be fatal. Chinchillas use sand baths instead. So it is very important to keep a well sized sand bath.

A very important thing is the nesting box. Chinchillas like privacy and darkness during sleep as they sleep mostly during the day being nocturnal animals. This is why a nesting box is so important. It should be very nice and cozy.


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