Rapidly Study Spanish Verbs – Previous Imperfect

There are 2 basic earlier tenses in Spanish: imperfect and preterit. Preterit refers to something that took place prior to now at a certain time. You need to know when some thing begun or finished to utilize it, or you know some time it can go on on for. The preterit should be your lifeline tense.From time to time however you'll have no selection but to utilize the imperfect.Here are several of the rules of its use:To begin with these are definitely 3 irregular verbs that happen to be within the imperfect tense.SER = yo period, tu eras, el period, nosotros eramos, ustedes eran, ellos eran.IR = yo iba, tu ibas, el iba, nosotros ibamos, ustedes iban, ellos iban.VER = yo veia, tu veias, el veia, nosotros veiamos, ustedes veian, ellos veian.The imperfect tense endings...

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