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7 big advantages of auxiliary electric heater

The lower the temperature of the host, the lower the main unit, the lower the ambient temperature below -2 ° C, due to the difference between the ambient temperature and the heating standard working condition, the air conditioning unit designed by standard operating conditions can provide heat Not much lower than the calories of standard working conditions. The auxiliary electric heater does not require any other auxiliary equipment. It has the advantages of less investment than other equipment such as small boilers than other devices, which are installed, operated, and maintenance. Now we understand the 7 advantages of the auxiliary electric heater: 1. The auxiliary electric heater uses a stainless steel structure, small size, small land, convenient, waterproof design, has strong corrosion resistance, Thick thermal insulation portable electric heater layers are used between stainless steel liner and stainless steel housing, the degree of infinity temperature is lowered, maintaining hot water temperature, saving electric energy. 2. High-quality stainless steel electric heating tube main components use imported materials, and the processing process also uses advanced production equipment and processes, with different voltages to play the highest performance. Its insulation, withstand voltage, moisture resistance is higher than national standards, safe and reliable. 3. The direction of the water flow is reasonable, uniform heating, no high, low temperature angle, high heat efficiency. 4. The auxiliary electric heaters have a thermostat of domestic well-known brands, and users can freely set the temperature. All configuration overheat protector is used to control water temperature and overwhelming over temperature protection, avoid damage to the heating element and system. 5. Maintenance and maintenance, so as long as the sealing end cover is removed, the nut on the valve is removed, and the electric heater can be removed. 6. The auxiliary electric heater of the company can use two groups or multiple sets of heating methods according to customer needs, not only safe and reliable and can achieve energy saving purposes. 7. The company can configure the electric control box according to the customer, and the in-box components use brand-name products to strengthen security and reliability.

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